Stowe Land Trust Interpretive Trail Sign

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Stowe Land Trust is a small, member-supported, non-profit land conservation organization that has conserved nearly 2,500 acres in the Stowe area since 1987. Over the course of two years I worked with SLT to design five new interpretive trail signs for several of their conserved properties.

Stowe Land Trust owns several properties for public use – hiking, biking, skiing, etc. Many of these properties have trails, but some also have historical significance or particularly interesting environmental qualities. The goal was to create new kiosk signage that not only showed a map, but also informed visitors of the various points of interest for each property.

Each sign consists of a large map of all the designated trails for the property. There is a section about how the property was conserved, tidbits and things to know and a bit of information about the flora, fauna and history of the location. Keeping the information clean and easy to read was the main goal, as these would be outdoors and needed to appeal to visitors young and old alike. We created five signs in total and feedback was very positive.


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