SMBC Corporate Sponsorship Brochure

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The Stowe Mountain Bike Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to to partner with the community in building and maintaining a world class trail network.  SMBC manages and maintains approximately 35 miles of multi-use trails on public and private land throughout Stowe.  (*full disclosure: I serve on the SMBC Board of Directors)

In 2014, SMBC was in a transitional period – membership growth, sustainable revenue growth and a larger, more involved volunteer base was tops on the goal list. We sought to engage with the community and really showcase what we do, and how we do it.

At year end, a list of our accomplishments was distributed to the board of directors. I proposed turning it into a marketing piece that we could use to recruit more corporate sponsors and members. Combining all of our accomplishments with future goals, high impact photography and a corporate sponsorship ask into one piece proved to be hugely successful – we more than doubled our corporate sponsors in 2015. The following year, we expanded on the piece and turned it into a calendar – similar information but with a practical use that would be visible year round. Once more we significantly increased our revenue from sponsorships and donations. An added bonus – members loved seeing photos of themselves out riding supporting their local trail stewardship organization!


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