Friends in Deed

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Friends In Deed was a non-profit organization in New York City, founded in 1991 by Cynthia O’Neal and Mike Nichols as a response to the growing AIDS crisis. The organization was founded to provide support for people with life-threatening illnesses as well as the friends and family of those with such illnesses, and for anyone experiencing grief or bereavement for any reason.

I worked with FID over the course of almost ten years, and it began with a conversation about a printed fundraising appeal. In our initial meetings, we took several steps back – diving into their mission, their history, what their goals were and how I could help them.

The result was a refresh of their brand, followed by the design of the appeal.

The appeal told the story of FID to those who did not know that most of their clients loved the organization so much, they became volunteers. Showcasing the personal connection the employees and volunteers have with the people they help really drove the point home, and resulted in 25% more year-end donations than the year before.




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